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Creativity is flourishing on the continent. We want to share it with the world. We are fascinated. We are enthusiastic. We curate. We write. We celebrate African creativty.


  • LOATAD-Library of Africa and the African diaspora in Accra
    LOATAD : highliting African literature and from the Diaspora
    31 August 2021
    Since March 2020, the Library of Africa and the African Diaspora has been delighting all lovers of African literature in Accra and beyond.
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  • Zinder film - Aïcha Macky
    Movie | Zinder | Another Look at the Sahel
    21 August 2021
    In June 2021, the young Nigerien director Aïcha Macky was screening her film Zinder for the first time in Niamey, a documentary that takes us on a journey to meet the gangs of the Sahelian city and a youth who are rarely given a voice.
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  • Lowela -  La Mer Noire dance company 2021
    Dance | Lowela | La Mer Noire on an...
    9 June 2021
    A hip hop wave is taking over the continent. The Senegalese dance company La Mer Noire is now on an African tour.
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  • Zamany Accessory - Shop Niamey
    Shopping local in Niamey | 4 stores run by...
    30 March 2021
    Fashion, interior design or delicatessen, in the Nigerien capital creativity is flourishing and several original stores have been created, highlighting local and continental know-how. From the Koira Kano district to the old small market via Yantala, here are four stores initiated by creative and inspiring women to consume locally...
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