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Africa Blooming. L’Afrique en fleurs.

Africa Blooming. Africa flourishing .

Africa Blooming was born out of the desire to celebrate African creativity.

Celebrating African creativity through Africa Blooming Blog. We want to share our inspirations: readings, podcasts, videos, journeys, discoveries. To showcase and support initiatives from the African community and the Diaspora that have caught our attention, motivate us, encourage us to embrace the present and imagine different futures. Projects of relatives or strangers, trends, innovations, or simply initiatives discovered on the web or during a discussion; creativity is artistic of course, but also technical, technological, ecological, political…

Celebrating African ‘savoir-faires’ with a carefully curated collection of crafts presented on Africa Blooming Online Store. The online shop offers items from different countries of Africa, bought, found, researched for forty years until today. These objects have been collected on territories where we grew up, where we work, laugh, love and dream. Classic, vintage or contemporary. Wood, stone, leather, textile, silver, plastic… From the noblest to the most humble materials, from everyday utensils to festive ornaments, Africa Blooming wishes to present the richness, the diversity and specificity of African cultures. Handmade craftsmanship, each object is unique, sometimes imperfect, always authentic.

As the craftsmen of our childhood would say ‘Just for the pleasure of watching’, in search of a gift for a loved one or yourself, we wish you a beautiful visit.

Fleur Ayélé A.

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