Wax from England


Real wax printed in England

Size: 3,60 x 1,18 m
100% cotton

Country: Benin

The origins of wax are not to be found in Africa, nor in Holland, but in Indonesia. In the eighteenth century, Holland decided to invade the island of Java, and its Ghanaian mercenaries fascinated by wax-dyed fabrics brought some back to the Ashanti kingdom, on the Gold Coast. It was such a success that the Dutch saw a potential trade and decided to produce the fabrics themselves and market them in Indonesia and then in Africa.
If until today the Dutch wax remains the reference and the must-have in African clothing, it is also produced a lot in Benin, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Niger and Asia. A symbol of style, the garment is an external sign of elegance, wealth and form of communication thanks to its printed drawings or its name.

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