Shopping local in Niamey | 4 stores run by creative women

Zamany Accessory - Shop Niamey

Fashion, interior design or delicatessen, in the Nigerian capital creativity is flourishing and several original stores have been created, highlighting local and continental know-how. From the Koira Kano district to the old small market via Yantala, here are four stores initiated by creative and inspiring women.

Zamany Accessory - Bags made in Niger

Elegance, originality, tradition and contemporaneity… A handbag combining palm fiber weaving and leather, decorated with a cross of Agadez or Niger … The Zamany bag is on its way to becoming an essential in Niamey, Dakar, Lomé and elsewhere! Zamany is a brand of accessories created by the young Nigerien designer Mariama Daouda Illiassou. Made of local materials, handmade, the articles highlight the classic crafts of Niger while offering original and contemporary pieces. Working with leather, metals such as nickel and silver, braiding palm doum fiber or millet stalks, the know-how is revisited in the service of unique and luminous items. Handbags, belts, shoes, wallets… The store at the edge of the old small market is worth a visit, especially since we’re greeted with a warm welcome!

Zamany Accessory - Shopping local in Niamey


When you enter Guida you can already imagine yourself redesigning the interior of your home. Pagne, bogolan, indigo, it is an explosion of colors and patterns that welcomes us in this store of small furniture and home accessories decorated with African fabrics.

Guida - Interior design shop in Niamey, Niger

Mirror with wax frame, armchairs combining bogolan and metal, stools made of wood and loincloth, table set made of palm fiber and fabric, kitchen set, lamps… Guida offers original furniture that honors the cheerfulness of the continent’s fabrics. To bring character to your home, to add style to your office, or to give as a gift, this small store located in Koira Kano is a great place to stop! Moreover, thanks to the purchases made in the store, Guida is involved in actions for women, in particular by associating with the brand Nissa Pad, manufacturer of washable sanitary napkins.

Guida - Shop in Koira Kano - Niamey, Niger


The rhythmic clatter of sewing machines mingles with our steps as we cross the courtyard of the Kenzoly studio. It is after a discreet greeting exchanged with the dressmakers at work that we enter the store.

Kenzoly Studio-  Niamey

In one room we discover the creations of Merveille, Congolese stylist and creator of Kenzoly. Dresses, skirts, jackets, each piece is handmade, well finished and sophisticated. In the other corners, a selection of accessories and objects from all over Africa carefully chosen. Leather bags, decorations, jewelry boxes, children’s clothing… Class, refinement and authenticity. For yourself or as a gift, Kenzoly is a choice stopover!


Organic jams, yaji, herbal teas moringa and lemongrass, crispy crickets … So many products ‘made in Niger’ to be found at Nigérielles Shop !

Nigerielles Shop - Yantala - Niamey, Niger

Since 2017, the Nigérielles association has been encouraging female entrepreneurship through training, events and guidance. Creating a network, giving a space to female project holders, promoting women’s leadership such are the objectives of Nigérielles. Les Pots du Sahel, Les Saveurs de Gorou-Bi, Crispy, Yummy… Thanks to Yantala’s store, the whole city of Niamey can enjoy the local products made by this network of women. From delicatessen to a selection of natural cosmetics, the displays are rich and mouth-watering. You can find sweets, drinks, infusions, condiments, incense and perfumes from Chad, hair products, soaps and much more. Definitely one of our favorite addresses!

Nigerielles Shop - Niamey