‘Along the shore’ | New craft series on Africa Blooming shop

African crafts - Under the sun series

Delighted to present Along the shore, a new series of crafts and everyday items added to the Africa Blooming collection. Handicrafts from Togo, vintage tableware from Benin, basketry from Ghana… a getaway along the shore.

Wooden bowls and spoons from Lomé

Made of ebony and mahogany, this series of bowls is a tribute to nature and to the know-how of Togolese craftsmen. Togo is renowned for its richness and diversity in wood. The minimal and elegant design highlights the natural beauty of the material, its tones and patterns. Each item is thus different and unique. The delicate curves of each bowl allow a good grip and invite to take the time to taste.

  • Set de 3 bols en bois - Africa Blooming Shop
  • Bols en bois d'ébène

Set of 3 Bowls | Mahogany Wood
Hand carved

Upper Ø: 10 cm – Lower Ø: 5,5 cm – Height: 5 cm

Bowl & spoon | Ebony wood
Hand carved

Bowl Upper Ø : 13,5 cm – Lower Ø : 9 cm – H : 6 cm

Spoon L : 18 cm – l : 3,5 cm

Vintage tableware from Dantokpa

At the time, enamel tableware was found in all the maquis, restaurants and kitchens of the aunties in West Africa. Floral patterns and bright colours were used for meals served with sauces and braised fish. Nowadays, these dishes are often replaced by plastic because of their fragility. Found at the Dantokpa market in Cotonou, the largest market in Africa which will soon disappear, the enamel plates bring a touch of nostalgia to our collection and will bring charm and coquetry to your tables.

  • Assortiment vintage en émail
  • Bol vintage en émail - Tons bleus
  • Assiette creuse en émail
  • Assiettes en émail vintage

Vintage enamel bowl

Ø top: 18 cm – Ø bottom: 9.5 cm – H: 6 cm

Vintage enamel soup plate

Ø top: 20 cm – Ø bottom: 12 cm – H: 3 cm

Vintage tableware

Plate Ø top : 20 cm – Ø bottom : 12 cm – H : 3 cm

Bowl Ø top : 18 cm – Ø bottom : 9,5 cm – H : 6 cm

Basketry from Ghana

The Bolga fan is a classic North Ghanaian craft. But this traditional weaving technique has many other uses, such as this purse. Made from natural fibres commonly known as elephant grass, these everyday items will also make beautiful interior decoration items.

  • Éventails Bolga - Ghana
  • Bourse tressée du Ghana

The Fan III – Bolga
Handcrafted in Ghana

H: 50 cm – W: 30 cm – Handle: 20 cm

The fan IV – Bolga pink & orange
Handcrafted in Ghana

fibers: elephant grass H : 48 cm Handle : 21,5 cm

Hand woven purse
Handcrafted in Ghana

Ø 20 cm – Ø top : 9,5 cm – Ø base : 17 cm H purse : 15 cm L handle : 55 cm

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