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Neho Podcast - Dance in Ghana

Neho is our latest discovery: a podcast about dance in Ghana. Host Nuumo Adjetey Klufio gives the microphone to dancers, artistic directors, teachers, choreographers, studio owners… An excellent way to enter the Ghanaian dance world, discover what is happening, how arts are developing and what it means to be involved in the dance sector today in Ghana.

On one hand, Ghana is one of the lucky countries in Africa where it is possible to study dance and get a degree at University. The culture is rich, the scene is developing, schools for performing arts are growing and dance companies are blooming.
On another hand, dance is still not recognized by all as a professional carrier. There is a lack of resources and support and it is still difficult to promote Ghanaian dances nationally and internationally.

Here is why this podcast is necessary. For those within the dance world, it is important to share experiences, inspire each other, listen to their pairs and realize they’re not alone.
For those outside, this podcast is a great introduction. It can help change minds and make people see all the good things that are happening, that it is possible to make a living out of dance in Ghana, and that the country has talented and successful artists and instructors.

The host goes deep into the subjects and encourage his guests to speak without a filter, share their experiences, great ones and painful ones. Not only an exchange about dance, it is also a reflection about the culture and the country.

Neho is definitely a great listen: it will motivate dancers to come together, to work harder and pursue their dreams. It will encourage non-dancers to practice and go see performances.
Finally it contributes to the recognition on Ghanaian dance in its diverse forms, traditional and contemporary.

Here is an inspiring testimony of Sena Atsugah, dancer, choreographer, artistic director of Tifali Organization and assistant lecturer with the Department of Dance Studies, School of Performing Arts, University of Ghana, Legon:

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